Papal Seminary, Pune, is the national seminary for India, catering to the formation of seminarians from all over India.  As a national seminary, it serves all the three rites of the Catholic Church in India.

Founded in 1893 at Kandy, Sri Lanka, it was transferred to Pune in 1955.  Today it houses more than 160 seminarians who pursue their philosophy or theology studies, for whom Papal Seminary is “The Home of Love.”

This academic year is very special for the Home of Love, since we are celebrating its quasquicentennial (125 years). All alumni are specially invited on November 7-8, 2018 for this very special event.  You are welcome!

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  • Fr Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ passed away

    Rev Fr Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ passed away on October 23, 2018 at 10:30 PM, at Nirmala Hospital, Marykunnu, Kozhikode, Kerala. The funeral is on 25th October at 11:00 PM. RIP. There was a Eucharist Celebration for him, at 6:45 AM, on Oct ober 25, presided over by Rt Rev Thomas

  • Theological Seminar in Honour of Prof Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ

    National Seminar Organised to Honour Indian Theologian Prof Fr Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ What is the relevance of Vatican II for the Indian Church? How does acts of piety related to depth in spirituality? How can spirituality humanize us and take us to our fellow human being and to God? These