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Installation of New Rector, Rev Fr Bhausaheb Sansare SJ

In a solemn Eucharistic Celebration the new Rector of Papal Seminary, Rev Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare SJ was installed by Rev Fr George Pattery SJ, Jesuit Provincial of South Asia on Dec 3, 2017, the Feast day of St. Francis Xavier, Patron of Papal Seminary. The Eucharist was presided over by Rev Fr Jose Thayil SJ, former Rector.New rector of PS

This was followed by a sumptuous lunch. Fr Sansare took the oath of office on December 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM during the Eucharist Celebration presided by Rt Rev Bishop Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Poona.

Installation of New Rector: Introduction by the Outgoing Rector, Rev. Fr. Jose Thayil SJ

Dear Fathers and Brothers,

Wish you all a very happy feast of St. Francis Xavier.

Today one of the brothers asked me, “What is the specialty today?” I told him that today we have the installation. So he asked me “What is being installed today?” I told him that an anti-virus programme is being installed today in Papal Seminary. Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare, SJ, is being installed as the new Rector of Papal Seminary and he is going to check if there are viruses in Papal Seminary and take care of them. I wish him all the best as he takes up his new mission.

I heard that someone has invented a new machine to detect thieves and catch them. Many countries including USA, Germany, England, China and India bought a machine each.  USA was able to catch 20 thieves on the first day itself. In the same way, Germany caught 30, England 40, China 50, etc. on the first day itself. In India, the machine was stolen in the first hour itself. I wonder what would happen if such a machine were to be brought to Papal Seminary.

I extend a very hearty welcome to Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare (new Rector), Fr. George Pattery (POSA, homilist, one who installs the new Rector after the homily and one who felicitates him after communion) and Fr. Raj Irudaya (ADF, one who will be meeting with the students).

I like to say a few words about Fr. Bhausaheb. He was born in 1970 in Ahmednagar, joined Society in 1994 and was ordained in 2004 on 30 Dec. He did his philosophy studies in Satyanilayam, Chennai. His theology studies were done in Innsbruck, Austria. He has a degree in physics. After he returned to India from Innsbruck, he did his Master’s in Pastoral Management at JDV, Pune.  Then he was assigned to St. Joseph’s Technical Institute, Pune, from 2005-2011. In 2011 he was appointed the provincial of Pune and after completing his term as provincial, he was appointed Rector of Papal Seminary in 2017. Though he was appointed Rector of Papal Seminary in July 2017, he took few months off to relax himself after his hectic years as provincial.

Today with the first Sunday of Advent, we are starting the new Liturgical year. It is very appropriate that Fr. Bhausaheb starts his new mission in Papal Seminary on the first day of the new Liturgical year. I am sure that he would find it easy to take up the responsibilities as the rector of Papal Seminary after his experience as the provincial of pune province for 6 years.

I find Fr. Bhausaheb a simple and understanding person. He is young and vibrant. I am sure that he will be able to vibrate with the young seminarians in Papal Seminary. He is also very interested in games, especially shuttle coke.

I have enjoyed my seven and half years of being the Rector of Papal Seminary. I have gained a lot of experience and grown in wisdom. I felt accepted and appreciated by many batches of seminarians, the staff members and the co-workers. It was a pleasure to be in Papal Seminary both as Moderator of Philosophy students for four years anpattery bhaud Rector for seven and half years. I will be moving soon to PG block as moderator and Manager of PG block. Since I will be nearby, I will be associated with Papal Seminary. I hope and wish that the new rector will also have such pleasant experiences in Papal Seminary.

Today we are celebrating two important liturgical events. 3 Dec is the feast of St. Francis Xavier. Today is also the first Sunday of Advent. St. Francis Xavier is the Patron of Papal Seminary.  We just concluded the community day celebrations in Papal Seminary. It was a time of hectic activity. I was happy to notice good collaboration among all the community members. It was also an occasion for exhibition of talents. I also observed a good team spirit.

Time of Advent is meant to prepare for Christmas. It is a time of waiting and expectation. In Papal Seminary the time of waiting for the new Rector has come to an end. Let is wish him a happy and fruitful time in Papal Seminary.
– Jose Thayil SJ

Installation of New Rector: Welcome Address by Rev Fr George Pattery SJ, POSA,  3rd Dec 2017.

This is a very special moment for Papal Seminary: a moment in which there is a confluence of three significant events: The Feast of St. Francis Xavier of Patron of the Seminary, the first Sunday of advent and the installation of the new Rector of Papal Seminary – Fr. Bhahusaheb Sansare, sj. What ties up these events is ‘Life in the Spirit’.

Think of incredulous life of Francis Xavier:  arriving in India at the age of 36 to a situation of different and very hot climate, different food and a life without proper transportation and electricity. Yet travelled all among the West and East cast of India, travelled to Japan, crossed over the Sanchu Islands with a desire to go to China. What made him undertake such heroic and hazardous journeys: the only explanation is that he was transformed man, with the Spiritual Exercises, under the tutelage of Ignatius. Once there is fire in side, the external factors do not count much

One is reminded of the story of Balloonwala. The Balloon vendor went into a fair; in spite of having very colourful collection of balloon no one was approaching him. Then he let one of the blown up balloon to go up in the air. A little girl approached him asking: will the green one also go up? He let loose the blown up green one also; it went up. More approached him. He told them: it is not the colour or size that make the balloon go up; it is the stuff inside.

The stuff ininstallation lunchside Francis Xavier was the transformed self: a fire that could kindle other fires. The season of advent invites us to let the Spirit visit us; incarnate in those spaces that we reserved for ourselves; birth in those areas where our self-interest, self-love and self-will have occupied. To let the Spirit incarnate in us so that we be transformed.

It is in that spirit I now read out parts of the letter that the prefect of ‘Congregation for Evangelizaion of Peoples’ wrote to Fr. Bhahusaheb on the occasion of appointing him Rector of Papal Seminary, Poona. “ The formation of priests means following a singular ‘journey of discipleship’ which begins at Baptism, is perfected through the other sacraments of Christian initiation, comes to be appreciated as the centre of one’s life at the beginning of Seminary formation, and continues through the whole life…the fundamental idea is that Seminaries should form missionary disciples who are in love with the Master, shepherds ‘with the smell of the sheep’ who live in their midst to bring the mercy of God to them. Hence every priest should always feel that he is a disciple on a journey, constantly needing an integrated formation, understood as a continuous configuration to Christ. (Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, n.3, 8th December, 2016). … May the Seminary be a beacon of light and hope to society and prepare future priests who will be true instruments of love, unity, and reconciliation in today’s society.”

Cardinal Felloni continues: “Like Jesus, the Divine Pastor, take care of your staff and seminarians with love and mercy, be close to them and always be present and be attentive to their human and spiritual needs, offer them advice, and in case of necessity, to give them a fraternal correction, or to take appropriate measures depending on the situation. Priesthood is not a profession but a vocation and a mission. Hence, imbibe in the seminarians the sentire cum Ecclesia, a Church which is not exclusively for a tribe, a caste, family interest, or a group of people.”

[Read out the Decree proper that appoints Fr. Bhahusaheb as the Rector of Papal Seminary, Pune.]

Fr. Bhahusaheb comes lots of experience of governance as Provincial of Pune; he is young and dynamic. I am sure Papal Seminary will be enriched by his presence and leadership. I wish him well in this ministry. I am sure both the staff and students will extend your full co-operation and support to him.

I wish to thank Fr. Jose Thayil SJ for his able leadership in these last even years and he will continue serving JDV and PG Block in the capacity of Moderator and Animator of PB Block.

May the Lord bless us all.

George Pattery SJ



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