May the peace and blessings of Christmas be yours and may the coming year be filled with happiness. Jesus came into this world with the message of peace. Today we find that there is a great need for peace in the world, especially in India where we live.  Cases of terrorism are

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Mother Teresa

Angels of Mercy: Canonisation of Mother Teresa

Angels of Mercy The canonization of Mother Teresa by Pope Francis brings to mind the shared life and vision of both these great persons as angels of mercy. Writing in Time Magazine, Elizabeth Dias, brings out the close similarities between them. Both devoted themselves to the poor and drew attention

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Bp Joseph

Homily by Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt (CBCI Bishop’s Commission)

Homily by Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt on the occasion of the visit of CBCI Bishop’s Commission in Papal Seminary (28 June 2016) Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt Your Grace Archbishop Anil Kouto, Your Excellency Bishop Thomas Dabre, Very Rev. Fr. George Pattery, Provincial Superior, Very Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev. Fathers and brothers,

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LENTEN MESSAGE Fr. Jose Thayil, SJ The season of Lent extends from Ash Wednesday up to the eve of Easter Sunday. It is a time of purification and introspection in preparation for Easter. The forty days before Easter is a time for us to examine ourselves and work on overcoming

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Third Sunday of The Year

Gospel – St Luke (1:1-4;4:14-21) “By allowing God to work in our lives we can surely make a difference” In today’s  Gospel Jesus is going top start His ministry after His wilderness experience. He begins His ministry in the Synagogue. The Synagogue was the real centre of religious life in

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Happy New Year: It’s time to start all over again

It’s time to start all over again Dec 28 2015, 2212 hrs IST Article Date: Dec 28 2015, 2212 The year is coming to an end. It’s worth taking so­me time out to reflect over the whole year. Just observe and feel all that has happened to us. A panoramic

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jayard book

Stephen Jayard, A Book that Cannot Be Titled

Stephen Jayard, A Book that Cannot Be Titled, Ilanthalir Educational Trust, Tiruchirapalli, 201, pp. 192 +5 xvi Rs 125. This book by a Papalite professor presents deep reflections upon God, science, society, spirituality, philosophy, theology, cosmos, biology and several things under the sun and above the sun. This book is a

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How do I encounter Jesus Christ?

Starter: Today we live in a virtual world. We are empowered by technological developments. We encounter visual reality through pictures, videos, music, movies, and colors. Our imagination and ideas can be decoded and captured into concepts which can be seen, heard or felt through our senses. Thereby we encounter things

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The Kingdom of Heaven: A life to be lived

One of the criminals, who was hanged beside Jesus, asked Him “Jesus, remember me when you enter into your Kingdom”, to which Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, today you shall be with me in paradise”.  The wish of the criminal is to reach the Kingdom of Heaven and to

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Faithful Stewardship

“I do not pray for success but ask for faithfulness” – Mother Teresa It was very recently just 2 months ago, I met a Br in Belgaum, who is doing his theological studies in Bombay. Our chat began as usual, then as the moments passed by our conversation became more

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