Third Sunday of The Year

Gospel – St Luke (1:1-4;4:14-21)

“By allowing God to work in our lives we can surely make a difference”

In today’s  Gospel Jesus is going top start His ministry after His wilderness experience. He begins His ministry in the Synagogue. The Synagogue was the real centre of religious life in Palestine. So Jesus decides the synagogue is the best place to start of His ministry.

There were 3 parts of service in the synagogue.

  1. The worship part in which prayers were offered.
  2. The reading part of the Scriptures and
  3. The teaching part.

In the synagogue there was no professional ministry not anyone to give the sermon. So the president would invite any distinguished person to speak and that is how Jesus got this chance. And He read the following scripture passage.

” The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring the Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the Captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free”. After reading, He spoke to them ” Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing”.

It might have been the shortest sermon in the synagogue. But it definitely was the most powerful. From that verse Jesus is revealing himself as the expected messiah, the Son of God.

When Jesus is revealing Himself nobody could accept. Because they knew Jesus is the son of Joseph. And He was brought up among them and grew up with them, When I go through this passage I remember an incident which goes like this.

There was a Hindu woman working in a Christian institute. She knew a lot about Christianity. She understood that the Eucharist has an essential role in the life of each Christian. Without the Eucharist the day was meaningless for them. She came to know the significance of the Eucharist as everyone would be receiving God in their heart. So she went to the church for participating in the mass.

Sadly enough, she can’t receive communion. Once she asked the parish priest ” Father, I am a Hindu woman. I can’t receive communion. So could you allow me to hold the communion plate?”. parish priest wondered and he asked her, “why are you asking for it?” Then she replied ” I can’t receive Holy Communion but while I am holding the communion plate I can stand near to God.” The parish priest saw her faith and allowed her to do it.

After the communion service, the parish priest explained why she was holding communion plate and he added that which he took the Host and give to each one. She was watching it very keenly like a mum looks at her son and He said “What a valuable faith you have. Now we have to ask our selves about our faith?

Today’s Gospel speaks about the same reality with our lives. The people didn’t accept Jesus as their saviour. Similarly as a Christian we are coming to church to participate in the mass and receive God into our heart? What is our attitude towards the Eucharist? When God comes to our heart do we listen to him? Do we believe in Him? Do we allow Him to make a difference within us ?

Let us accept the word of God. The word of God is always true. It stands forever and also let us give importance to the Eucharist in our life. Because it gives us life. “By allowing God to work in our lives we can surely make a difference”

Speech By – Dn. SIFIL JOSEPH 

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