1. O Home of holiness and peace
And hearts in Christ so free,
How may we meekly hymn thy praise
With love and loyalty.
O Mother of a thousand sons,
Sent forth with hearts aflame
The poor, the weak and the oppressed
To serve in Jesus’ name.
Until our life is ended
Our prayer for thee shall be,
O Loving mother, Home of Love,
“God bless and prosper thee.” (2)

2. ‘O India,’ saintly Leo cried,
‘They sons shall surely bring
To thee, their motherland, the glad
Good tidings of the kind.
O Xavier, errant knight of God,
O blest Apostle Thomas
Vianney, the shepherd of the Lord,
With flaming zeal inspire us.

3. The Golden days we knew and know,
The memoires that last,
The fellowship of loyal hearts
Shall never be surpassed.
The jokes and jests that ran around,
The songs that filled the air,
The joy that all this meant to us
May last: this all is our prayer.

4. The years may fade away with time
With toil and moil and care,
But “CHRIST IN US” of our springtime
Shall grow and spur to share.
O Mary, Mother of the priest,
Do help us in our strife
That this our solemn pledge to Christ
May stir us through our life.
Until our life is ended,
Thy charms may we recall,
God bless thee, dearest Home of Love
We’ll love thee best of all (2)