Rev Vincent Crasta SJ

Administrator/Minister, Papal Seminary, Pune

Practising Counsellor

Spiritual Director

Retreat Director

Simple and spontaneous!

Joyful and eager!

Pensive and reflective! 

How to convert the wild into farm land.

Wishing Fr Francis Gonsalves, SJ, President, JDV.

With Rev Fr Arturo Sosa, SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus and the Support Staff of Papal Seminary.

Celebrating the birthday in the The Home of Love.
Joll and joyful!
His driving force: The people with him.

Celebrating with some of the Province Men on the flight from Bhubaneshwar to Pune.

His Passion: Organic Farming  and Natural Agriculture.
His Strength: Being with nature and people.

Jesuit of the Karnataka Province.

DoB: Nov 5, 1957

Joined the SJ: Aug 14, 1976

First Vows:

Ordained  Priest: Apr 9, 1988

Final Vows: May 22, 1999

Inspiring teaching and enabling homilies.
Powerful and experiential!

In the salt calves of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya:
Fully Protected and Unconditionally Happy!

Accompanying the Lord with a generous heat.
"Placed with the Son by the Father."

Being a blessing to all! His wish and dream.
A man for the people,  especially for the marginalised.

Belonging fully to the Lord! Forever! That' his commitment.
A man of God, a man of prayer!

Praying together and for all!Intensely praying and immensely surrendering to HIM!